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Need something designed? Built? Developed? Contact our sales team now!


  • Ernie Redford | Feb 7,2019

    A few days ago Mike Madrigga Vice President of Northwood passed away.
    Mike and I were responsible for the decision to purchase the first laser scanners developed by Softac for the 24 foot lumber mill in Houston B.C. owned by Northwood Pulp and Timber.
    It was a gut wrenching decision as we weren’t purchasing one system, we were purchasing three systems for the board edgers, to be delivered and installed over three successive long weekends in the fall of 1987.
    The sawmill producing in excess of a million board feet of lumber a day on a 2 shift basis.
    We were putting all our trust in Warren Thomlinson, John Wong (developer) and all the other technical people at Softac.
    I was in charge of the project for Northwood and had the scanners failed to deliver I would have been out of a job. During startup there were many days in excess of 20 hours but the Softac team delivered exactly what they said they would.
    Those scanners and optimizing programmes were the first of a kind in the lumber industry and became the “me too product” for many existing software companies in B.C., Quebec and the western United States.
    There is no doubt Softac stands tall in wood industry products and in the other industry’s you serve. Softac has made a difference!

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