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Solid State Starters & DC Injection Brakes

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SOFTAC's DIGI-Start & DIGI-Brake

Over 45 years of Design, Integration, & Manufacturing

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​About DIGI

​Our robust power stack design has proven zero burnouts in over 20 years. With this design, most component replacements are easy enough to do on your own!

Since 1996, SOFTAC has been manufacturing our DIGI line of Start Solid State Starters and DC Injection Brakes. We have been starting motors from 5-800HP and 208-575VAC in many applications. We tackle the high inertia loads with ease; starting chippers, hogs, and rock crushers without overrating the starter.

Our Brakes Come With
  • Zero speed detection
  • Relay for operation
  • Control power.

DIGI-Starts and DIGI-Brakes are available as chassis type for retrofit into existing enclosures or built up in any configuration as NEMA 4/12 enclosures.​

Recent Projects

​Solid State Starter

DIGI-Start Solid State Starter complete with a custom package that includes as a standard build; disconnect switch, fully rated bypass contactor, amp/volt meters, start counter, hour meter, and a starter for the oil pump. All our DIGI-Starts have a 100% success rate and ZERO motor burnouts.

DC Injection Brake

Our DIGI-Brakes  have a similar stack design as our robust DIGI-Start Solid State Starters.

DIGI-Brakes are available as part of our Solid State Starters or as a stand-alone DC Injection Brake.